Ahogy már bizonyára sokan láttátok, ősszel kerül megrendezésre a következő SzeMUN. Madina Amiraslanova Karunk Stipendium Hungaricum ösztöndíjas hallgatója, akinek már nagy tapasztalata van az ENSZ modellezésben. Ezért úgy gondoltuk, hogy az ő szemszögéből mutatjuk be a programot, reméljük beszámolója sokak kedvét meghozza a csatlakozáshoz! Mivel a SzeMUN munkanyelve az angol, a beszámoló is angolul készült.

Why did you choose Hungary and SZTE?

Studying abroad has been one of my biggest dreams, since I was at high school. After graduating the university when the time has reached to take an action in order to pursue my dreams, I started to search for possible options to continue my study abroad. Fortunately, in my country, Azerbaijan, the youth are given several opportunities such as scholarships or exchange programms to continue their education in foreign countries, and Hungary was one of them. When I was first introduced to the Stipendium Hungaricum program by one of my friends, I hadn’t imagined myself one day being able to study here, because the competition among applicants, as well as the requirements of the program were quite high in that year of admission. Needless to say, before applying I did very detailed research about Hungary, starting from the level of education, university rankings, and student life to the culture and traditions of the country. J At the end, I was so convinced and determined that Hungary would be the best choice among other possible options. To be honest, choosing the University of Szeged was not planned in advance, as it is quite usual for an international student like me first to think about the capital, Budapest. But, the academic performance and high international reputation of the university, as well as the student friendly environment of the city made me think twice and made my final decision.

What are you studying and what courses do you take?

Currently I am a first year Master’s student at the Faculty of Law, majoring in International Relations – Legal and Business aspects. The courses I take can be ranked based on the field they are related to – from the EU to economy, from politics to law, but I would say that courses on European studies and law mostly outweigh.


Could you describe SZeMUN for us?

Before answering this question, as a proud MUNer who took part in more than 10 MUNs both as a delegate and as an organizer, I would like to explain what MUN means to me, because it has quite different significance for everyone. For some people it is only an extra-curricular activity to get a certificate, for others it is just a platform to improve your public speaking, negotiating or other skills etc. Sure, I agree with these statements, but personally, for me MUN is more than a conference or a place for non-stop speaking about political issues. It is associated with my friends both from my country and from different parts of the world, it is associated with sweet memories which I will always remember, and it is associated with worthwhile experience I got thanks to this movement.

When I heard that there is an organization called SZeMUN here in Szeged, probably, you imagine how extremely happy I was as a MUN addict. Luckily, one of my groupmates was a staff member of the organization, so it was so easy for me to get the needed information about SZEMUN itself and its upcoming events. I was told that SZeMUN is one of the biggest and successfull student organizations in Szeged, which helds MUN conferences annually with participation of many delegates from not only Hungary, but also from different countries. Generally, there we can see several committees which simulate the work of  the UN organizations, for instance, Model of UN Security Council, ECOSOC, UNICEF, UN General Assembly etc. Currently, due to huge interest of students SZeMUN organizes MiniMUNs, which are not held annually, but twice or three times a year, cover one day and usually only one or two committees are simulated in such events.

What was you last experience like and how did you prepare?

As I mentioned, I was informed by my classmate about the following event of SZEMUN which was held in September. I applied to attend that conference without doubt because it was the best opportunity for me in order to get involved in student activities of the university and to do what I enjoy to do. So being selected to represent my own country Azerbaijan in UN Women committee I had to prepare hard for the event. Our topic was related to women participation in political decision making. During the two-day conference we discussed several problematic issues regarding the gender inequality and women empowerment, gender pay gap in workplaces etc. In some cases it is quite challenging to represent your own country, to talk about the existing problems and to defend your position as an official delegate of the state without any emotions, but overall, I really enjoyed being a part of that awesome event.

What are your plans for the upcoming event?

As you know, SZEMUN is planning to organize a huge event in October for the next academic year. I would gladly apply to take part and just to be able to feel myself as a real diplomat for several days. 🙂 I strongly recommend all of the students to have a try and to join the world of MUN, who are interested in politics, in the work of the UN or in current issues of today’s world.

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